Keeping It Real: A Mindfulness-based Approach to Cravings

The 4-week program that will help you stay away from the sugar monster, satisfy your sweet tooth with natural sweeteners, and powerfully deal with cravings and emotional eating -- while enjoying delicious food (including treats!)

Participate online from anywhere in the world and be a part of our amazing community.  

Self-judgement and willpower don't get you very far. Using mindful awareness and self-compassion, tune in to what your body needs and nourish yourself well.

"The program supported my efforts to incorporate clean eating and better self care into my life on an ongoing basis beyond the cleanse period. I believe that it enabled me to turn 2 weeks of experimenting into real nutrition and self care commitments and HABITS! I find it so much easier to choose to eat well now. I believe that the support of the extended group helped me maintain the positive energy from the cleanse.  

I notice less pain and inflammation. I have experienced far less cravings as I have gone longer without sugary foods. I find myself craving (yes,craving!) greens and other vegetables and clean food in general. I have turned down more chocolate and fried food than I thought possible during these weeks but with each CHOICE to eat good for me food I am stronger and more confident! Thank you, Janice, for all the classes with specific and helpful information and resources, and your timely and thoughtful responses to our questions!"  

Rebecca Dail

Grounded in the core principles of Savor Wellness: 

  • Eat real, whole food to nourish your body. Make it really delicious. Eat the foods that work for you as an individual.  
  • Honor your body. Tune in and listen to its messages.  
  • Make time for self-care. Even when -- especially when -- you are busy.  

Keeping It Real!

Let’s get real, people. 

We are all busy. 

And sugar is all around us.  

In Keeping It Real, you will:

  • Focus on eating REAL whole delicious food that nourishes your body  
  • Practice fitting cooking and self-care into your REAL everyday busy life  
  • Understand and powerfully manage sugar cravings, because they will come!

The goal is to support you in staying on a healthy path so that your new practices become habits and you feel confident in the kitchen and empowered around your health and self-care.  

This program is for you if: 

  • You have experienced sugar cravings
  • You have completed a cleanse with Janice and want to keep going wth healthy habits in a balanced way
  • You tend to reach for food when stressed or be an emotional eater (bad day? cookies to the rescue!)
  • You want to create a moderate relationship with sweets rather than let the sugar cravings take over
  • You want to learn to make treats with natural sweeteners 
  • You want to eat delicious mouth-watering food, but not get sucked into typical overindulgence, weight gain, and old habits that no longer serve you
  • You enjoy cooking and trying new healthy recipes 
  • You benefit from the support, accountability, and heart-warming connection that comes from being a member of a community of like-minded people  

What you'll learn, experience, and put into practice:

  • Learn and practice 17 mindfulness-based strategies for managing cravings (I share the exact strategies I personally use to create a balanced relationship with sweets and still love what I eat)
  • Intentionally and skillfully introduce natural sweeteners and healthier baked goods without refined sugar
  • Cook new delicious, healthy recipes each week with whole foods 
  • Learn to eat for energy and create nourishing meals
  • Continue to adapt a healthy life-style based on real, whole foods and nourishing self-care 
  • Set clear intentions and make self-care a priority (yes, amidst the hustle of life, take time for YOU)
  • Set yourself up for inevitable success by surrounding yourself with a healthy eating community and inspiring health coach to provide structure, support, and accountability so that you follow through and feel happy with your powerful amazing self  

"It turned out that signing up for the program was one of the best decisions of my life because it started me on a diet transformation that has left me with more energy, fewer carb cravings, better cooking skills, and clearer skin. I kicked a pretty bad sugar habit. I lost several pounds during the two weeks, and by using Janice's recipes and guidelines after the program, I lost 10 pounds in a total of 12 weeks.  

With Janice’s program, I didn’t deprive myself. I ate delicious food when I wanted to. And it wasn’t about “willpower.” It was about gaining knowledge and skills to actually execute the general advice we all hear all the time about eating.  

With more energy, I’ve created a virtuous cycle and I am more able to cook from whole food ingredients at the end of a work day. My whole family is eating better. I have read many books and tried many recipes on my own, but it was Janice’s knowledge, experience, and support that finally helped me to eat right."  

Elizabeth, Takoma Park, MD

Consider your progress in just 14 days during the cleanse. What could you do with 4 more weeks of support and practice?  


Surround yourself with others who care about eating good quality, healthy food and taking care of themselves.  

Keeping It Real includes:

  • A structured 4-week program that will ask you to show up for yourself and what’s important 
  • Three audio classes with focused topics (recorded so you can listen when you have time) 
  • Live Q&A call  
  • NEW recipe booklet each week (All healthy whole food recipes, free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. Vegetarian, fish, and meat options.) 
  • Healthier Desserts with Natural Sweeteners Recipe Book to help you stay away from refined sugar and satisfy your sweet tooth naturally
  • Private Facebook group for daily support throughout the program (You get immediate access to the group as soon as you register!) 
  • Support, accountability, connection, and belonging in our community to support your success 
  • Emails from Janice to help you practice the cravings strategies and keep you inspired 
  • Nutrition handouts to support your learning  

Program Dates and Cost


August 26- September 22 , 2018

Upon registration, you'll receive immediate access to the private Facebook group.

4-week Group Program: $249

Meet your Health Coach

Janice Levitt, EML, CHHC, is passionate about helping people to feel vibrant and radiant through whole foods nutrition, a clean lifestyle, and radical self-care. 

She offers transformational individual and group health coaching programs and four seasonal cleanses.

She loves supporting people to find balance, increase energy, lose weight, reduce stress, improve digestion, cook delicious food, learn to love their bodies, or manage chronic illness through making gradual nutrition and lifestyle changes. An avid mindfulness practitioner, she uses mindfulness practices to help her clients get results and develop a loving, compassionate relationship with their bodies.

Janice lives in Takoma Park, MD with her husband Dan and their organic garden. Her favorite room in the house is the kitchen!

Take charge of your health and feel great in your body. 

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