REFRESH: A Whole Food Summer Cleanse


Join Smith Center for Healing and the Arts and Janice Levitt in this fully supported
14-day healthy eating program.  

Transform your health with seasonal whole foods and extra self-care. Participate online from anywhere in the world.  

  Ready for a reboot? 

REFRESH is a clean eating program where you will enjoy plenty of delicious, healthy seasonal whole foods for 14 days. You will deepen your knowledge of healthy eating and put it into practice in your own kitchen! 

Using the provided recipes, shopping list, and guidelines, you'll cleanse your body of the foods that are keeping you from feeling your best. You will discover which foods give you abundant energy, support your digestive and immune system, and reduce your waistline, and which foods cause you to feel drained, bloated and weighed down. 

Join over 1000 people people who have completed this program and improved their energy and vitality.

Get ready to REFRESH yourself - mind,body, and spirit - this Summer with seasonal culinary delights and some much-needed self-care!

Is this you?

  • You're ready for a fresh start with your eating
  • You're craving sweets, snacks, or carbs
  • You are eating more processed food or take-out than you’d like
  • You're frustrated with how your clothes fit
  • You feel bloated, stressed out, or tired
  • You're in a rut with eating the same foods all the time
  • You want to cook and eat healthfully, but are overwhelmed with how to start
  • You're eager to restore your energy levels
  • You ready to boost your immunity and use food and self-care to heal your body

Welcome to 14 days of clean eating, nourishing yourself with delicious and healthy whole foods.

What other participants are saying....

"As someone who has tried so many eating programs, it is extra amazing to me that your cleanse had such an impact on me and my health. I was already a pretty healthy eater. I already knew that my body did better with less processed food, especially flour and refined sugar. But, wow! I never anticipated what 14 days could do.  

I feel so great, I’ve dropped about 7 pounds, and I actually think I look younger and healthier. Even more amazing, is that my digestive system, which I've had issues with my entire life, is working like it never has."  

— Jean A., Alexandria, VA

“I loved this program! I’ve loved trying so many new foods and cooking more. 

The most amazing result is that I now have control over my eating, rather than having some random desires determine what goes in my body. I lost 6 pounds, and got over my sweet tooth. I no longer feel sleepy in the afternoon. And my family is enjoying the recipes too, which I didn’t expect.”  

Karen R., Miami, FL

"I experienced only positive results. I learned a great deal about cooking with vegetables and I learned recipes that I am going to continue to use. I really benefited from having the meal plan and following it. I lost 4 pounds and am less bloated. The bags under my eyes look better. My skin looks better, like it is brighter. My energy and mood are more even. I feel very proud and confident." --Jennifer  

— Anna T., Washington DC

Register for the Summer Cleanse

Why eat clean?

  Intentional eating for a short period every season is one key to restoring good health. You’ll also learn to eat and prepare delicious whole foods that are abundant in each season.  

You’ll increase your physical energy and mental clarity and create healthy habits that you can carry forward into your life. 

The program will help you to hit the reset button and get on track with eating foods that nourish you. 

It will reduce cravings for sugar and other foods that drag your energy down. 

Removing foods that are hard to digest and inflammatory will help your body remove all the waste that’s built up over months, boost your immunity, and set you off on a healthy eating path.  

What can you expect?

  When you change your food, your whole life changes with it.

The 14-day program will boost your energy, reduce the belly bloat, balance your metabolism, and help you say good-bye to cravings.  

We all know that it’s hard to make changes alone!

In this fully supported program, you’ll have structure and guidance from a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and be connected to a community of like-minded people who want what you want: to feel energized and confident about how you look and feel in your body!  

People are more successful at making diet and lifestyle changes when they are part of a group doing it together. You'll be connected to others through our private Facebook group so you stay motivated! Past participants have LOVED the daily support of the community.  

What will you eat?

You’ll eat plenty of delicious and satisfying real food. This is not a fast. It is not a diet where you count calories.

It’s a clean-eating program with an emphasis on introducing lots of FRESH healthy whole foods of the season, including vegetables, soups, salads, protein, whole grains, and healthy fats.  

It’s a chance ditch processed foods, and give your body the whole nutrient-dense foods it wants. You’ll remove inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, and dairy to boost your energy and your body’s natural healing ability.  

There are 2 levels you can choose from. In Level 2, you’ll be eating a delicious, filling, plant-based diet, and will remove meat and fish during the 14-day period. In Level 1, you can include some meat and fish along with the plant-based dishes. Note that the Recipe Book and sample meal plans are vegetarian.

Yes, I want to eat well and feel great!  Sign me up.

Delicious Recipes and Time Saving Meal Plans

You’ll receive a seasonal Recipe Book with nourishing and delicious meals to prepare, including more than 70 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 

I provide optional done-for-you sample meal plans. These can save you time and introduce you to new, healthy ingredients and recipes.  

Participants love the recipes! I’ve included some of my favorites that I’ve developed over more than 20 years of healthy whole foods cooking that I am excited to share with you.

What's included in the program?

Everything you need to succeed....

  • Guidance, inspiration, support and accountability from Janice Levitt, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Savor Wellness Guidebook with the cleanse info and protocol
  • Summer Recipe Book with delicious, seasonal meals (70+ recipes )
  • Time-saving meal plans and done-for-you shopping lists
  • Supportive daily emails that inspire and empower you to take charge of your health
  • LIVE kick-off call with Janice
  • Coaching and daily support from Janice and the cleanse community in a private Facebook group to answer questions, share experiences, and cheer each other on

Results particpants experience...

  • Feel alert, lighter, and more balanced 
  • Boost your energy 
  • Reduce cravings 
  • Get a fresh start and develop good habits 
  • Feel great in your body and proud of the way you are treating yourself! 
  • Lose weight if needed 
  • Improve your mood, digestion, and sleep
  • Uncover hidden food sensitivities 
  • Rid your body of toxins 
  • Feel clear-headed and more focused 
  • Learn new recipes and try new foods 
  • Develop a new, healthier grocery shopping routine 
  • Gain confidence in the kitchen 
  • Learn more about yourself and your body 
  • Generate momentum and motivation to continue on a healthful path on your own!

"It turned out that signing up for the cleanse was one of the best decisions of my life because those two weeks started me on a transformation that has left me with more energy, fewer carb cravings, better cooking skills, and clearer skin. I kicked a pretty bad sugar habit. I lost several pounds during the two weeks, and by using Janice's recipes and guidelines after the program, I lost 10 pounds in a total of 12 weeks.  

With Janice’s program, I didn’t deprive myself. I ate delicious food when I wanted to. And it wasn’t about “willpower.” It was about gaining knowledge and skills to actually execute the general advice we all hear all the time about eating.  

With more energy, I’ve created a virtuous cycle and I am more able to cook from whole food ingredients at the end of a work day. My whole family is eating better. I have read many books and tried many recipes on my own, but it was Janice’s knowledge, experience, and support that finally helped me to eat right."  

Elizabeth, Takoma Park, MD

Start Date and Program Cost


The first day of the 14-day clean eating program is Sunday, July 12 and the last day is July 25.

Preparation week week begins July 4, when all materials are sent out electronically. That gives you a week to read, shop, and prepare.

The mindset shift and healthier choices begin as soon as you register.

Program cost: $169 Special pricing for the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts participants: only $129 (save $40). A percentage of all proceeds goes directly to Smith Center to support ongoing programs.

Click here to join the Summer Cleanse

Meet your Health Coach

Janice Levitt, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, EML, CHHC, is passionate about helping people to feel vibrant and radiant through whole foods nutrition, a clean lifestyle, and radical self-care.

She offers transformational individual and group health coaching programs and four seasonal cleanses, working holistically to support people body, mind, and spirit. 

She loves guiding people to listen to their body's messages, find balance, increase energy, lose weight, reduce stress, improve digestion, cook delicious food, or manage chronic illness through making gradual nutrition and lifestyle changes. She also specializes in supporting with people with nutrition and lifestyle changes for thyroid and autoimmune conditions and hormone balance.  

Janice lives in Takoma Park, MD with her husband Dan and their organic garden. Her favorite room in the house is the kitchen!

Yes, I'm in!

Transform your health and feel great in your body. 

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