Whole Food Summer Cleanse

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Boost your energy and vitality with healthy, seasonal whole foods and extra self-care.
You'll be utterly surprised at what two weeks of clean eating can do!
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  Ready to feel refreshed? 

This 14-day program provides you will everything you need to reset your eating habits. Two weeks of intentional healthy eating will have you feeling:

LIGHTER on your feet. VITALITY in your body. ENERGIZED from eating nutrient-dense food. CONFIDENT that you are taking good care of yourself.  

Welcome to 14 days of clean eating.

"I've lost 4 pounds, feel less bloated, have slept like a rock, and realized it's actually not hard to eat clean; it just requires some planning.

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Actual results cleansers report:

  • Felt lighter 
  • More energy 
  • Fewer cravings 
  • Developed good habits 
  • Feel proud of the way I'm caring for myself 
  • Lost weight
  • Better mood, digestion, and sleep
  • Uncovered sensitivity to gluten or dairy
  • Felt clear-headed and more focused 
  • Learned new seasonal recipes and tried new foods 
  • Developed a healthier grocery shopping routine 
  • Gained confidence in the kitchen 
  • Generated momentum to continue on a healthful path after the cleanse

Extra weight, funky digestion, or low energy?

Intentional eating for a short period every season is one key to restoring good health. You’ll reenergize your home cooking and learn to prepare delicious whole foods that are abundant in each season.  

You’ll increase your physical energy and mental clarity.

The program will help you to hit the reset button and get on track with eating nutrient-dense foods that nourish you.

You will reduce cravings for sugar and other foods that drag your energy down. 

Removing foods that are hard to digest and inflammatory will help your body remove all the waste that’s built up over months, boost your immunity, and set you off on a healthy eating path.  

Be part of a community of healthy eaters!

We all know that it’s hard to make changes alone!

In this fully supported program, you’ll have support and guidance from an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who's been leading this program for 7 years.

You'll also be connected to a community of like-minded people who want what you want: to feel energized and confident about how you look and feel in your body!  

What's on the menu?

Lots of FRESH healthy whole foods of the Summer, including vegetables, soups, salads, protein, whole grains, and healthy fats.  

We'll ditch processed foods and give your body the nutrient-dense foods it wants. You’ll remove inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, and dairy to boost your energy and your body’s natural healing ability.  

Choose Level 2 and enjoy a delicious, filling, plant-based diet.

Choose Level 1 to include some meat and fish along with the plant-based dishes. Note: the Recipe Book and meal plans are vegetarian.

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Delicious Recipes and Time-Saving Meal Plans and Shopping Lists

Each season's recipe books is different. You’ll receive a Summer Recipe Book with more than 70 recipes.

I provide optional done-for-you meal plans and shopping lists. These can save you time and introduce you to new, healthy ingredients and recipes.

That's WINNING in the kitchen.  

What's included in the program?

Everything you need to succeed....

  • Guidance, inspiration, support, and accountability from Janice Levitt, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Savor Wellness Cleanse Guidebook and protocol
  • Summer Recipe Book with delicious, seasonal meals (70+ recipes )
  • Time-saving done-for-you meal plans and shopping lists
  • Supportive daily emails that inspire and empower you to take charge of your health
  • LIVE kick-off Zoom call with Janice
  • Coaching and daily support from Janice and the cleanse community in a private Facebook group to answer questions, share experiences, and cheer each other on

"I experienced only positive results. I learned a great deal about cooking with vegetables and I learned new recipes that I am going to continue to use. I really benefited from having the meal plan and following it. I lost 4 pounds and am less bloated. The bags under my eyes look better. I had this vein under my eye that was puffy and it is gone. My skin looks better, like it is brighter. My energy and mood are more even. I feel very proud and confident!"   --Jennifer R.

Start Date and Program Cost


Cleanse dates: July 18-31.

**Preparation week week begins July 10, when all materials are sent out electronically. That gives you a week to read, shop, and prepare so you're ready to go. **

The mindset shift and healthier choices begin as soon as you register.

Program cost: $169, discounted to $129 for Willow Street Yoga students.

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Meet your Health Coach, Janice Levitt

I am passionate about helping women to feel vibrant and radiant through whole foods nutrition, a clean lifestyle, and radical self-care. I offer transformational individual coaching programs and four seasonal cleanses. I love supporting women to listen to their body's messages, find balance amidst stress, increase energy, lose weight, improve digestion, and cook delicious food through making gradual nutrition and lifestyle changes. My specialty is supporting women over 40 to take charge of their health and embrace their vitality as they age.

I live in Takoma Park, MD with my husband Dan and our beloved organic garden. My favorite room in the house is the kitchen!

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